I received three emails from WordPress in the past 12 hours saying someone is trying to change my WordPress password.  That was unsettling, since it wasn’t me.  So, if something odd/super offensive gets posted here that’s probably why.  I say probably because I’m rather odd and super offensive, so there’s a possibility it’s me.  Unless it’s one of these categories:  Racist:  not me.  Likes cats:  not me.  Helpful in the kitchen:  definitely not me.

I hope that clears it up.

I was also awakened in the middle of the night a couple weeks ago by someone ringing my doorbell and pounding on the door.  While my first thought was ghosts/demons trying to steal my soul, my second guess was evil in its human form.  I tiptoed out to the door.  A floorboard creaked (old hardwood floors can be a pain in the butt), and the person outside moved.  I called 911 since this is Burbank and not Los Angeles.  I felt silly saying someone was at my door and to please come right away.  I waited with cell phone in hand and took the time to find sturdy slippers (I can never find the right shoes for any occasion in less than 15 minutes so this saved time) and glasses.

The police showed up a few minutes later (again, this is Burbank and not LA).  They checked the yard and said they ran into spiderwebs — I hate that — which means whoever it was hadn’t tried to go in the backyard.  Which is good.  Their best guess was it was a drunk who came to the wrong house, which is not an uncommon experience on the Monday night of a three-day weekend.

Mystery solved, sort of.  I couldn’t go back to bed, of course, so I stayed up watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix, wondering if the doorbell had been rung by a drunk, a bad guy or a ghost/demon.

My point is it’s unsettling to assume everything is fine, then someone wakes you up in the middle of the night or tries to get into your WordPress account.  Or, of much greater urgency, places a few bombs to make us all scared.

I think we need to counter it all with strength and coffee.

Be safe.