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ttm mdThe story behind THE TYCOON MURDERER

My Inspiration

I love history, particularly the 20th Century, and I’ve always been a sci-fi nerd, especially time travel.  So it made sense that I’d eventually end up in this genre.  I loved the 1979 movie Time After Time, which was the story of Jack the Ripper arriving in modern-day America.  I even watched the TV series when it was on briefly last year.  I really loved the TV show Timeless, which was cancelled, but then resurrected.  And, of course, you can’t get any better than the Back to the Futuremovies.


But my most important influence was all the British mysteries I watch on PBS. I love Agatha Christie and wanted to do a throwback story about a house party gone very wrong.  I’ve been reading modern-day cozy mysteries, but mostly they make me hungry, since a lot of them…

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