Maureen Driscoll is an Emmy-nominated television writer/producer who’d much rather be reading than writing.  She has written 11 Regency romance novels about the Kellington and Emerson families and one stand-alone political satire, DATING GEORGE CLOONEY, which no one ever reads.  She swears a lot.  Probably too much.  Her comedy credits include writing for JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, THE DISH on the Style Network and Nickelodeon’s BRAINSURGE.  She is also an actor.  Which means she’s been rejected more than just about anyone you’ve ever met.  But it’s not the “no” that’s important.  It’s going back for another one the next day.  That’s supposed to be inspirational and not very, very sad.

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. I was reading one of yourkellington series book sample via kindle and before I read it wanted to start at the beginning of the series. But when looking have found that you can get all the books in the series except book 2. It can be download via kindle apps ie ipad android but not via an actual kindle. There is obviously somethignwrong with the version you have put on Amazon as I have never come across this before. Hopefully you can correct this as it has stopped me reading the other books as hate missing parts of a series which is a shame as the sample of the book I read was very good.

    • Hi, Nikki. Thanks for contacting me about this. Amazon is supposedly working on this right now. I’m not sure how it is in the UK, but in the US, you can download the second book on everything except Kindle Touch. So if it’s just a regular Kindle it works. I have no idea why this is and have been after them to fix it ever since I was first made aware of it — which has been well over a year. I keep telling them I didn’t do anything differently when I uploaded the book. But for some reason, this has happened. I heard from them yesterday saying they’re still trying to figure it out. I’ll let them know they should check the UK, as well. Thank you! And I hope it gets fixed. Thank you for your interest in the Kellingtons.


      • Thanks for your reply I’ll keeping checking the site so I see when it’s fixed but yes I do have a kindle touch.

  2. eBookDaily Free Kindle Books said:


    “Always True To Her” is highlighted today on eBookDaily.com:




  3. Kimberly Spina said:

    Dear Maureen,
    Loved Never Run From Love, especially the first paragraph which starts up with quite a bang. It made me laugh, and I had to read it again to make sure I was paying attention this time… There’s an art to writing something naughty like that and making it unoffensive, somehow. And that’s your gift. You’ve got an amazing sense of humor, and it works.
    I thought you’d want to know of some typos I found. My apologies if I’ve misread something, or it’s gotten lost in translation.
    Thank you.
    Kimberly Gerber Spina

    1. The few upper class member of the group usually skipped those. (members)
    2. Now she understood a least a bit of the appeal. (at least)
    3.At least he wouldn’t if he were a true gentlemen. (gentleman)
    4. You did show up at my doorstep, after all. And then follow me to Mrs. Seton’s. (followed)
    5. With Hal’s preoccupation with Melanie, he hadn’t notice the approach… (noticed)
    6. He read it, then with a groan got up quickly made his ablutions and dress. (dressed)
    7. That made Hal close the difference between them. (distance)
    8. Mel noticed she was losing a bit of her usual shyness with Richard, but still tended to play least in sight. (? I don’t know what that means, or if it’s a typo)
    9. He is not worthy your thoughts, she said. (worthy of your thoughts)
    10. He was talking to someone, but since I was playing least in sight, I couldn’t see who it was. (There it is again…)
    11. There’s only so much a man is like to risk,… (likely)

    • Thank you so much for your kind words AND for catching the typos. I hate typos! And it seems no matter how hard you try to catch them all, it takes someone else’s keen eyes to do so. I really appreciate it. And it is tough to walk the fine like between something being erotic or just too much. So it’s a lovely compliment!

  4. Naomi Du-Roe said:


    I’ve recently discovered your books and devoured them all!!!
    I’ve just finished the Jasmine Cottage books and was wondering if there would be a story about Emma?? I can’t wait to hear her story!!

    • Hi, Naomi and thank you so much! After struggling so much with Lily’s book, Emma’s is moving fast. It should be out in November. Unless I just jinxed myself. Thank you for taking the time to contact me. Best, Mo

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